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There is no reason, however, to doubt the report, for which we have unimpeachable testimony, and which is in itself not at all surprising Certain neurologists argue that while testosterone most likely increases internal sexual stimulation, a reduction of sex drive is unlikely to result in a reduction of inappropriate sexual behavior, as reduced internal stimulation from hormones merely increases the required external stimulation to reach orgasm. This couple survived until the Cultural Revolution of —76, the wife dying of malnutrition, and the husband disappearing after being deported to the countryside If stags be mutilated when, by reason of their age, they have as yet no horns, they never grow horns at all; if they be mutilated when they have horns, the horns remain unchanged in size, and the animal does not lose them… As a general rule, mutilated animals grow to a greater length than the unmutilated 3. Medical studies on the Ottoman court eunuchs. However, in the s, Hamilton and his colleagues did pioneering work in the United States on mentally deficient men who were castrated as a consequence of eugenics laws, quantifying the effects on skeletal development, hemoglobin production, and metabolism 5and Bremer subsequently defined the relation between testicular secretions and male sexual drive and function in men who were castrated in Norway because of sexual offenses 6. Many of the men were said to assume more serene dispositions but also claimed to have developed depression. Archived from the original on 21 July In his Istanbul study Wagenseil reported that 2 of 4 skull x-rays obtained revealed enlargement of the pituitary with thinning of the dorsum sella; the average age at castration was 11 yr, and the average duration of castration was 44 yr in these 2 men




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